The tanker did not have time to brake at the intersection and “collected” cars (video)

A large-scale accident involving a tanker truck occurred on May 7 near Solnechnogorsk (Moscow region) on the M-10 Rossiya highway. According to the public “Main Road” on VKontakte, the cause of the large-scale accident was that the driver of the tanker was distracted from the road and did not notice that the cars in front of him were slowing down. As a result, he did not stop at a burning red traffic light.

In the published video, we see what happens from two angles – the accident was recorded by the video recorders of cars in the next row. It is clear that the speed and inertia of the truck are such that there is no hope of a favorable outcome.

The biggest blow fell on the Kia Sportage crossover, which literally sank into the Volkswagen Crafter, which had already come to a stop in front of a crosswalk.

Fortunately, an unsuspecting civilian manages to cross the road moments before the zebra attack. Furthermore, the colliding cars were so scattered that nearby Ford Focus and GAZelle were also damaged.

As difficult as the incident seemed, only one person was injured and soon the doctors helped him.

  • And in Izhevsk, Grant rammed into the facade of a technical school, but there were no casualties either.
  • “Behind the wheel” can be read in Odnoklassniki.

Video: VKontakte / “Hoofdweg”

Source: Z R


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