Disqualified drivers who have flagrantly violated traffic rules will have their cars impounded

Disenfranchised drivers who maliciously violate traffic rules will be prosecuted with vehicle seizures, such proposals are included in the bill of the Deputy Speaker of the State Duma, Irina Yarovaya.

The bill has already been supported by the Ministry of the Interior and the Supreme Court, Kommersant reports, even though the judiciary insisted a year ago that confiscation violates the fundamental right to private property: a vehicle is also not a crime weapon, it can belong to another person.

According to Irina Yarovaya, her initiative contains three provisions:

  1. Increased fine (up to 100 thousand rubles) for repeated driving without a license. Now the maximum fine for driving without a license is 30 thousand rubles, but there is no separate composition for repetition.
  2. Criminal liability for citizens “for driving without a license for the third time if a person gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, drives in the oncoming lane, or exceeds the speed limit.” The amount of the penalty is not yet known.
  3. Confiscation of owners’ cars in the event of criminal liability for driving under the influence, driving into an oncoming lane, “significant” (60 km/h or more) speeding, or persons previously repeatedly prosecuted for driving without drivers license.

The bill is discussed during a meeting in the Duma, after which it is submitted to the House of Representatives.

One can still agree with the idea of ​​harsher sentences for those deprived of their rights, but confiscation is an extremely dubious idea, said lawyers interviewed by the publication. The proposed approach may violate citizens’ rights. If the car was driven by a drunk owner, the car can be recognized as an instrument of crime and impounded, but if the driver and owner are different people, it must also be shown that the driver used the vehicle with permission from the owner.

  • For dirty songs they want to take the rights away.
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