Why Sochi tunnels are dangerous – a memo from the traffic police

Sochi’s traffic police reminded motorists of road safety rules in tunnels before the holiday season. It is important to avoid all, even minor accidents there – they always lead to serious traffic jams. In order not to have an accident in a narrow and poorly ventilated place, you should follow simple rules:

“Regardless of the time of day and the degree of lighting in the tunnels, all mechanical means are only needed to move in them with the dipped beam on. It is strictly forbidden: stopping and parking the car (except in an emergency, it is necessary to turn off the engine immediately); overtaking (in Russia it is strictly prohibited, in other countries it may be allowed if there is more than one lane in each direction); reversal; backing up,” the Sochi traffic police recalled.

View of the understudy of Kurortny Prospekt in Sochi

View of the understudy of Kurortny Prospekt in Sochi

You must not ignore road signs or lose your vigilance, even if you have repeatedly traveled through this tunnel.

“When driving through the tunnel, it is necessary to strictly follow the traffic signs and signs installed at the entrance and in the underground structure itself, follow the signals and markings. Respect the speed limit and a safe distance”, the inspectors remind again.

But knowledge of the traffic rules and their compliance just for the safe passage of the tunnel, especially in a coastal city, is not enough. Such tunnels have an important feature, which was described in the Sochi traffic police:

“In tunnels, the high humidity reduces the grip of wheels with asphalt, so you have to drive very carefully.”

  • The traffic police inspectors will soon be given 8 new tasks.
  • “Behind the wheel” can now be read in Telegram

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