Rostov’s traffic police inspectors “defrauded five” from the DPR army

In his TelegramKhodakovsky told the channel that traffic police inspectors had extorted (and received) a bribe of five thousand rubles from him for travel and transportation of goods.

‘We bring nightlights and radio stations for the war, we’ve driven half the country and our native Rostov traffic cops have taken a fiver for travel on Sambek. It would be possible to discuss, but time is running out – I had to return it …”, Chodakovsky said in a message.

Sambek is a town near Taganrog, located on the road leading from Rostov-on-Don to the border with Ukraine.

And this is not the first time that the PDM inspectors of the Rostov region have paid such attention to Khodakovsky’s cars, as he said in the same post.

“Someone who can explain to me what goes on in people’s minds? Who did we breed? Obviously they have no reason to confiscate the cargo or obstruct the passage, but they already have experience: before the special operation they “violated” me with witness statements for three hours – suddenly I take something forbidden – they broke the whole scheme … They have enough methods to spoil life, but the question remains: how to understand when some give their lives, while others take advantage? Maybe they should come to us, but at the front for admonition?

This message from Alexander Khodakovsky has already interested the Don department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, in which they announced the beginning of the check.

“If the information is confirmed, employees will be punished in the manner prescribed by law, and their leaders will be subject to strict disciplinary responsibility, up to and including dismissal from internal affairs agencies,” the police said.

  • The traffic police inspectors will soon be given 8 new tasks.
  • “Driving” can also be read on Viber.

Source: Z R


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