We get out of the car or a fine on arrest – the new right of the traffic police

The draft decision of the Ministry of the Interior provides for the right of the inspector to demand that the driver or passenger get out of the car. This may be necessary when the car is stopped, but also during personal searches, removal of the driver or other procedural actions.

If the driver or passenger does not comply with the legal requirement of the traffic police inspector, Gazeta.ru writes, then they can be fined 2,000 rubles. In addition, they can be arrested for 15 days.

The Ministry of the Interior also wants to introduce a new method of detecting vehicle malfunctions on the road – organoleptic. Simply put, to identify faults using hearing, sight, smell and touch. This makes it possible to send cars for an extraordinary technical inspection, even if the vehicle has recently passed and the driver has a diagnosis card in their hands.

Source: Z R


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