Volkswagen revives the Scout brand

Production of cars under the Scout brand will not start until 2026, and apparently they will compete with American hummer EV – SUV and pickup.

The Volkswagen group confirmed information that the group plans to revive the Scout brand, which will include an electric SUV and pick-up in its range.

A small press release says that a new independent company will be established to develop and manufacture new machines. The company will be called Scout and will have four years to design cars from scratch, test and build electric vehicles.

Prototypes of the new Scout pickup and SUV will arrive in 2024, and if all goes according to plan, production models will hit the road in 2026. Production will take place in the US.

“The company we will create this year will become a separate division and brand of the Volkswagen Group, managed by independent management,” explains VW CFO Arno Antlitz. “This is in line with the new management model – small units having access to shared technology platforms.”

Volkswagen revives the Scout brand

Classic SUV and Pickup International harvester Explorer produced from the early 1960s to 1980s and competed with Jeep. In addition to passenger cars, International Harvester produced tractors, agricultural machinery, engines and trailers. The company closed in 1985 and the trailer division was renamed Navistar International. Volkswagen acquired Navistar International in 2020.

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