Tire repaired – does it drive differently now? Expert answer:

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– Every tire is known to be designed for a certain speed, load, and so on. Do these characteristics change after a puncture repair?

— According to the technical regulations, a tire is considered unfit for use if there is localized damage to the tire (punctures, cuts and cuts, etc.) exposing the cord, as well as delaminations in the casing, breaker, the heel (bloating), localized flaking of the tread, sidewall and seal layer.

Under the tread of a modern tire are usually four layers of crusher (wide belt or belt). Usually there are two woven from steel wires, two more from polyester or nylon.

when pierced with a sharp nail or screw, the breaker layers are usually not damaged, their threads are slightly spread apart, so it is unlikely that the load-bearing capacity of the tire will decrease. To be sure, I recommend carefully inspecting the puncture site from the inside of the tire and making sure there is no damage (cracks).

When it comes to cut, then there is damage to the belts behind this, and the longer the cut, the larger the gap. Accordingly, the strength properties of the tire are reduced because the repair is sealing only. Belt layers welded into the rubber cannot be repaired.

A cut that is no longer than 2-3 centimeters can still be repaired by means of vulcanization, but it will be possible to use the tire only with a limited load and speed.

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