AvtoVAZ raises wages for employees

At the Volzhsky plant, it was decided to index workers’ wages ahead of schedule. This is reported by the company’s trade union, on the initiative of which the AVTOVAZ mediation committee took this decision – not to index the salaries from July 1, but a month earlier. From the beginning of the summer, the rates and salaries at the factory will be increased by 9%.

The union president addressed the administration with a proposal to apply the decision to subsidiaries. And one more decision, pleasant for the employees of the car giant, has also already been taken: a bonus of 3,000 rubles will be included in the May salary.

Meanwhile, the situation at the Togliatti car factory remains difficult, independent sources report that the factory began operating in a “truncated mode” after the holidays. Many workers will be employed for domestic work and spare parts production, while the rest of the workforce will have downtime while retaining 2/3 of the salary. Employees of subsidiaries are promised to work in public works. Actually, at the beginning of the month, it was known that AVTOVAZ will not restart car assembly after the May holiday.

  • The situation at the Izhevsk site, where Lada Vesta is being assembled, is no less difficult – the shutdown there can last until September.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

Source: Z R


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