A drunk car service worker in the Murmansk region steals a car that was delivered for repair 15:53

In Kandalaksha in the Murmansk region, the traffic police stopped a car service employee who stole a car that was delivered to him for repair while intoxicated. In this respect reported On the website of the regional office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

According to the police, the driver had a strong smell of alcohol, but the driver refused to be examined. He also didn’t have a driver’s license with him. The violator was taken to the police station, where it turned out that the man left the car to himself for repairs and decided to drive around the city.

“A criminal case has been brought against a person suspected of committing a crime against property in accordance with Part 1 of Article 166 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (owning a car or other vehicle illegally for the purpose of theft), maximum sanctions of which are imprisoned for up to three years ” says the police report.

The suspect is under house arrest. He also faces fines and deprivation of his driver’s license for refusing a medical examination.

Earlier, it was learned that there was a driver in Voronezh. dived A knife was stuck in the car of the deaf-mute driver.

Source: Gazeta


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