On May 19, Renault presents a car that is nowhere to be filled

In January 2021, group leader Luca de Meo announced a new brand strategy (Renaulution) and a switch to exclusively electric vehicles in Europe from 2030.

However, De Meo stated that the production of vehicles with combustion engines would continue if the charging infrastructure was insufficiently developed.

The first step away from a “pure electric” strategy seems to be the announcement of a new concept car. As part of the presentation of financial indicators for 2021, a teaser of the concept flashed, which they promise to present on May 19, 2022. The accompanying text talked about a hydrogen engine. In addition, this is a conventional combustion engine that runs on hydrogen. Hydrogen can also help to reduce CO emissions2 Until now, Renault talked about hydrogen only about fuel cell cars and only about commercial vehicles.

Renault will not be the only one with a hydrogen combustion engine. Toyota is also developing various concepts for hydrogen engines. The advantage of this concept is that with hydrogen as fuel, most of the proven technology of combustion engines can continue to be used. The main argument against hydrogen as a fuel is the complete lack of infrastructure today.

Renault concept teaser was drawn under the direction of chief designer Gilles Vidal.

As such, there are minor changes to Renault’s aforementioned EV strategy. The concept car, announced for May 19, will not be electric, but will be CO2 neutral.2

Source: Z R


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