Found a great sedan that’s cheaper than a million

Are you interested in class C sedans, which are from 6 to 10 years old and the mileage does not exceed 150 thousand kilometers? Congratulations – you have a great option with an excellent pedigree at a cost of less than a million rubles. It was suggested by Sergey Zinoviev, an expert of Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automobile publication in Russia, who studied the used car market.

Meet your future car – Renault Fluence. This is a 4.6 meters long sedan with a spacious interior, a huge boot space of 530 liters and a ground clearance of 145 mm.

Renault Fluence 2009–2013

Renault Fluence 2009–2013

Such a car manufactured in 2015 and with modest mileage for its age can cost 900 thousand rubles. And that’s the price ceiling. With increasing age and mileage, the costs will decrease noticeably. Until 2011, these cars were imported to us from Turkey, and then they were produced at the Moscow plant Renault But this in no way affects reliability – the model is distinguished by endurance, unpretentiousness and does not cause problems, like its younger brother LoganFor example.

Found a great sedan that's cheaper than a millionRenault Fluence 2012–2017

Renault Fluence 2012–2017

But, like LoganFluence is no frills. In addition, buyers preferred to take these cars in minimal and medium configurations. Sedan “full stuffing” will not be easy to find. But don’t worry – the car has air conditioning, airbags and music.

Found a great sedan that's cheaper than a million

The choice of engines is huge. These are not only engines of the K4M and H4M families with a displacement of 1.6 liters and power of 106, 110 and 114 hp, but also a 2-liter engine with 138 hp, which is well known to motorists and military . All these petrol engines are simple and therefore tenacious. Only the gearbox can fail Fluence.

Found a great sedan that's cheaper than a million

We are talking about the DP2 machine, which, however, perfectly travels 100 thousand kilometers. But then it has to be repaired. Jatco CVTs (and they were installed on Fluence of three different types) operate in exactly the same scenario. If you need reliability, you’d better opt for a mechanical box. In addition, Fluence was most often sold with it.

Typical diseases and characteristic disturbances in Renault There is no influence, but minor malfunctions may occur from time to time. The electrics are not buggy, the suspension is not naughty, the body is not rotten … Therefore, if your goal is to buy a simple, unpretentious, but spacious and beautiful car, then Fluence may suit you.

A picture: Renault

Source: Z R


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