Electric scooters are only allowed to accelerate up to 25 km / h

The rules for certification of “electric means for individual mobility” will be laid down in the new GOST. These restrictions are already being used by rental agencies, now they are being extended to other users who own electric scooters, unicycles and gyro scooters, Kommersant has learned.

The main developer is FSUE NAMI and according to the document developed (under approval), all e-SIM cards imported into the Russian Federation and manufactured in the country will be certified for compliance with the new standard, the main requirement of which will be the factory set maximum speed at 25 km/h.

The satellite system will forcibly limit the speed in certain areas (for example, in parks). For example, the “pedestrian mode” function will limit the speed to 6 km/h. The electric scooter then provides a “distinctive and visible light signal” to the driver and others. If the SIM card has a reverse gear, it should also be limited to 6 km/h.

The non-slip surface on electric scooters must have an area of ​​​​at least 150 square meters. cm, tire diameter – not less than 125 mm, width – not less than 25 mm. All SIM cards must be equipped with retro-reflectors.

If the SIM card can accelerate up to 25 km/h, then headlights and taillights are mandatory (for slow SIM cards, this is an option). The product labeling must contain the following information: manufacturer’s name, class, maximum speed, year of manufacture, power, maximum permissible weight.

The collection of comments on the draft standard will last until the end of June. Meanwhile, there has been a serious increase in SIM accidents: in 2021 there were 672 accidents (+67.5% by 2020) with 20 deaths and 704 injuries. 51% of the accidents involved SIM with a power of 0.25-4 kW, in 11% – more powerful than 4 kW. In 5% of the accidents, device users were drunk.

Source: Z R


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