Excise duties on fuel can be reduced

The National Automobile Union (NAS) sent a letter to Finance Minister Anton Siluanov asking for a temporary halving of excise taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel.

“I ask you to consider the possibility of reducing excise duties on petrol and diesel fuel by 50% for the period from June 1 to December 31, 2022 to 6,896 rubles. for 1 ton of gasoline and 4778 rubles. for 1 ton of diesel,” Vedomosti quotes from a letter from NAS President Anton Shaparin.

This would lower fuel prices at gas stations, encouraging people to travel more, including within Russia, thus supporting tourism in the regions. This move would also lower the cost of goods and reduce inflation.

The cut in excise taxes was discussed in March this year at a meeting of the Russian Tripartite Commission (RTC) for the regulation of social and industrial relations.

The letter from the National Assembly also mentions a 20% decrease in average daily fuel exports from Russia to other countries (in April compared to March). In addition, fuel costs on the stock markets have fallen. For example, a ton of AI-92 gasoline no longer costs 43,670 rubles, as in March, but 40,000 rubles, a ton of AI-95 costs 43,270 rubles, not 47,905. 439 per ton, and not 53,175 rubles, as in March.

If it is decided to halve excise duties, fuel at filling stations could be ten percent cheaper. That is about 5 rubles.

A picture: Anton Belitsky/TASS and “Behind the Wheel”

Source: Z R


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