German union accuses Tesla of exposing workers’ data

German union IG Metall has demanded that American automaker Tesla notify employees of the German factory about possible violations of the law regarding personal data, following a large-scale leak and publication in the newspaper Handelsblatt. In this respect informs TASS.

Union spokesman Dirk Schulze said it was clear from the published data that “personal data of company employees were misused”.

On the eve of Handelsblatt published the results of the analysis of 23,000 files containing confidential Tesla data, which were released by an insider. It claims that many Tesla employees have seamless access to current and former employee data through internal channels, including their addresses, bank accounts and phone numbers, and payroll information.

TASS writes that the publication is intended to demonstrate to the public that Tesla cannot properly protect the data of employees, business partners and customers. Following the publication, Tesla expressed its intention to go to court regarding data theft.

It was previously known to be Michelin. Sold Your business in Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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