Frame SUVs are only loved in Russia: yes / no?

Question from the forum “Behind the wheel” – we answer them from time to time.

— You wrote that large SUVs like the Land Cruiser are not in demand in Germany, not even in the TUV reliability ratings. And they are popular with us. Why is that?

– The share of crossovers in European sales is slightly lower than ours – 45% vs. 51%, and compact models are highly valued. Due to higher motorisation, European cities had to deal with traffic jams and a lack of parking spaces much earlier. And they solved problems, including using a tax system that makes large cars and powerful engines unprofitable.

Small cars with fuel-efficient engines are already part of the European mindset. Frame builds and four-wheel drive are completely useless to most, especially the urban dwellers.

TÜV report is a German rating that takes into account the number and reasons for owners to contact the service. It shows that Japan can still drive quite well. Of course, cars sold in Europe can have completely different head units than ours. And in general, almost the entire German rating is a “little thing” like the Yaris and RAV4. Large crossovers in Germany are in demand in small doses, for many of them there are no statistics. And others did not sell due to non-compliance with economic standards. The largest of the “Japanese” in the rankings are the Honda CR-V (very reliable) and the Mitsubishi Outlander (so-so). In our country, it is precisely the large ones that are the object of dreams, and especially the Japanese.

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