AvtoVAZ again faced a shortage of spare parts

Russian automaker AvtoVAZ will suspend car production for three days next week due to lack of parts. informs TASS referred to the deputy head of the local trade union organization Valery Korolev.

“From May 11 to May 13 a simple one will be brought, there is an order. Electronic components have not yet accumulated. Temporary work will be organized for this period.

AvtoVAZ factories in Tolyatti and Izhevsk resumed car production after a planned corporate holiday from April 4-24. From June 6, businesses will switch to a four-day mode of operation for a period of three months due to problems in the supply of components for machine assembly.

Previously reportedHe said that AvtoVAZ can be run by a woman. This is Vasilyeva N.Yu.

Source: Gazeta


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