Summer tires: 4 new items to watch

The tire market, like many other aspects of car life, is going through a difficult period. A lot changes – factories close, sales are frozen. However, new items keep appearing, which is great. We tell you what you can pay attention to this spring – in the following text you will find interesting options for both premium car owners and for owners of cars in the mass segment.

Continental SportContact 7

The company believes the band is combining what previously seemed incompatible. On the one hand, these are high-grip properties worthy of the use of sports cars, and on the other, low (by sports standards) rolling resistance, 17% more resources and greater payload. The size range is quite wide – from 235/45 R18 to 275/40 ZR22 inches.

Michelin Pilot Sport 5

Another novelty that takes over tires with a sporty character. However, there is one serious difference with Conti SportContact 7: the stability of the performance over the entire service life. At the presentation, these tires in new and worn condition were compared with competitors in the same condition, and the advantage was on Michelin’s side. The model is offered in 36 sizes, from 205/40 ZR17 to 255/35 ZR21.

Michelin Pilot Sport EV

The Pilot Sport EV tires for electric vehicles are added to the above range. They are built on the experience gained in Formula E. They have a low rolling resistance and excellent grip due to the combination of different rubber compounds for the tread. There is also a “silent” version with a polyurethane foam insert. Tesla, Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai electric vehicles are equipped with such tires on the conveyor. And here they are available in 17 sizes from 255/45 R19 to 275/35 R22.

Michelin Primacy 4+

A new modification of the “four” popular on our market, already available in more than 30 sizes. According to the brand, the new variant promises safety and comfort to ordinary cars with tires in size 195/55R16 to 235/50R19.

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