Official: our cars have increased in price by 21% since the beginning of the year, foreign cars – by 24%

Domestic passenger cars in Russia have increased in price by 20.7% from the beginning of the year to March 18, foreign cars – both imported into the country and assembled in Russia – by 23.7%.

This is according to the latest data from Rosstat.

At the same time, in just one week from March 11 to March 18, prices for cars of domestic brands rose by 7.4%, for foreign cars – by 3.2%.

Since the beginning of the year, all automakers have increased prices, some doing it twice a month. The price lists have been revised due to strong exchange rate fluctuations since the end of February. For individual models, the price increase is much greater than the market average. So, according to Bankavto estimates, VW Polo cars increased by 49% from March 1 to March 21, Renault Duter – by 37%. and Kia Rio added 32%.

A picture: Depositphotos

Source: Z R


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