First flying carport under construction

UrbanSky port launched its first demo site SkyOne, with the smart vertiport. The company is convinced that their flying cars SkyOne Vertipoorten will revolutionize the aviation industry.

UrbanSky port plans to build a nationwide network SkyOne Vertipoorten across the UK. First SkyOne Vertiport will open soon in Coventry. The project is also supported by the British government and that will get things off the ground.

Thanks to their compact dimensions, vertiports can be built anywhere. Among other things, in the air and on the water, on top of a skyscraper and of course just on the ground.

“Opening SkyOne is a momentous moment, the beginning of a new era of transportation, an era of zero emissions and car-free travel that will make people healthier and happier. Cars have roads. Trains have rails. Planes have airports. Now have eVTOL there is UrbanSky

Photo, video: UrbanSky port

Source: Z R


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