Electric cars are produced in Russia

The production of electric vehicles will be carried out in the Lipetsk region at the Motorinvest plant. Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Government of the Lipetsk Region and Motorinvest signed a special investment contract (SPIC 2.0).

Under the contract, 13 billion rubles will be invested in the production of electric vehicles over the next 11 years. Meanwhile, the so-called “screwdriver assembly” of electric vehicles is planned. Welding and painting lines are gradually being added and the assembly line is being modernised.

The electric vehicles themselves are of the Chinese brand Sokon, but in Russia they are sold under the new Evolute brand, writes Vedomosti. The model range will be quite wide. It will include a sedan, minivan and three crossovers of different classes.

Produced electric vehicles will have a power output of 150 to 693 horsepower. Thanks to batteries with a capacity of 53 to 88 kWh they can travel up to 750 km on a single charge.

Nothing is yet known about the cost of electric vehicles, but given the volume of investment, the cost of batteries and the benefits of the state, it can be assumed that the price of electric vehicles will be comparable to the cost of cars with combustion engines of the same class .

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