No repair, no warranty? The dealer of the departed brand explained everything

The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP) and the Russian Automobile Dealers Association (ROAD) proposed to extend the warranty repair period, which today cannot exceed 45 days, and to amend certain articles and clauses of the law ” On Protection” temporarily. of consumer rights” “.

The reason for this is the lack of dealer spare parts necessary for the repair of cars. As a result, the repair conditions established by law are violated and customers are given the right to file lawsuits in court. In such a situation, the company will not survive, experts are sure.

In April, the government legalized parallel imports, allowing, for example, spare parts and components to be imported into the country without the manufacturer’s permission. This helps to avoid shortages, but delivery times will increase further as deliveries are made through third countries, and not directly. This has major consequences for repair costs.

This news excited many motorists. But is everything so scary, what can they expect and what difficulties will they encounter if the car needs to be repaired, even under warranty. Za Rulem, the oldest and most popular automotive publication in Russia, learned this first-hand from dealership management.

Roman Timashovdirector of after-sales service Avtodom Altufyevo:

— Restrictions related to sanctions had no serious impact on the work of AVTODOM Group of Companies. All dealers of the company are operating as usual. Service and warranty service, scheduled maintenance and repair work, purchase of spare parts and accessories are available for our customers.

The share of warranty cases in the dealer repair structure varies from 10 to 40%. We have agreed cases with the importer when non-genuine spare parts are used for repairs under warranty. First of all, we try to solve the customer’s problem. Most are sympathetic to the longer delivery time of spare parts. This is due to the need to build new supply chains, which can take several months to a year.

The ROAD initiative to ask authorities to extend warranty periods for repairs is a timely and much-needed measure not only for car dealers, but for the industry as a whole. The most in demand now are electronic components, gearboxes, motors and other high-tech components necessary for carrying out repair work on aggregate. Only now have we started to receive auto parts that we ordered in early March. If previously they came within 3-4 weeks, now the period is up to two months.

Payments in dealer centers are accepted via bank transfer, plastic cards from all payment systems work as usual.

Source: Z R


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