In Russia, the rules for registering cars have changed

The government has updated the rules for registering vehicles in the subdivisions of the National Traffic Inspectorate. Cabinet Decree No. 722 of April 21, 2022 came into force on May 3, Parlamentskaya Gazeta recalled.

Now the owner of the vehicle or his representative must personally submit an application and documents to the registration department of the traffic police within 10 days from the date of purchase of the car, the release of the car into circulation when it was manufactured for its own use, or from the day the car has been temporarily imported into Russia for a period of more than one year. Or from the date of occurrence of other obligations requiring changes in registration data.

The resolution clarified the procedure for assigning the state registration number “Transit” when preparing vehicle registration documents. We are talking about cars that are distilled outside Russia to the place of sale or to the final manufacturer. It concerns cars that are sold by a company or an individual entrepreneur who develops commercial activities. The state registration plate “Transit” is issued for a period of 30 days.

Previously, transit numbers were issued for vehicles exported outside the Russian Federation, or when the vehicle was transported to manufacturers who installed add-ons on it.

Source: Z R


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