4.9 thousand cars destined for the Russian Federation stuck in the ports of Belgium

Belgian customs have calculated the exact number of containers and vehicles bound for Russia stuck in ports – 2,980 and 4,876 respectively. After the EU sanctions come into effect, they will be tested or blocked, the department told RIA Novosti.

876 cars were detained – these are expensive cars, the cost of which exceeds 50 thousand euros, and the export of which from the European Union to the Russian Federation is prohibited under anti-Russian sanctions.

All shipments were dispatched from the country of delivery before the entry into force of the sanctions, but they arrived in Belgium when the restrictions were already in place. The cargo will remain blocked in Belgian ports until a new destination country is chosen, a Belgian customs official told the agency.

To date, the European Union has already implemented five sanctions packages against the Russian Federation since February 24, when the Russian special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine began. The sixth sanction package is expected on May 10, it is not yet clear what will be included in it.

Source: Z R


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