Yokohama tire factory to stop operations in Russia

The Yokohama tire factory has suspended work in the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone (SEZ) due to problems with the supply of materials from abroad, Lipetsk region governor Igor Artamonov said on his Telegram channel.

The governor offered to help adapt to the new logistical conditions. He stressed that he was ready to enlist the help of the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Transport to speed up the process of supplying materials.

The tire manufacturers assured the head of the region that the company’s employees would not be affected by work stoppages. This issue was brought under control by the authorities of the region.

The governor noted that he holds meetings with any company that has declared a suspension to understand the reasons and employee policies. The government is doing its best to help.

The Yokohama plant was built in 2008 in the Gryazinsky district of the Lipetsk region. The company employs approximately 760 people.

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Source: Z R


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