Instagram and Facebook – everything! YouTube is next… Where can I find videos about cars?

A modern car is complex from all points of view and it becomes more and more difficult to describe it in words only and to reinforce the story with pictures. The modern driver has also changed: he wants to see how the multimedia system works, how the seatbacks fold down, hear the sound of the engine and doors slam, as well as the pleasant voice of the narrator. All this can be found at YouTube, where the channel “Behind the wheel” has been active for years. And not just him. There you will also find channels of all the top autobloggers not only in Russia, but also in the world.

If they block YouTube

Rumors that this popular video hosting may be blocked in Russia has been going on for a long time. YouTube occasionally blocks the channels of Russian media and politicians, causing discontent, including Roskomnadzor. In addition, one of Roskomnadzor’s demands is to block videos with calls to violence, prescriptions for drugs and, for example, Molotov cocktails. For all this, YouTube received several fines of more than 7 billion rubles, but the video hosting did not pay them, and the deadline for voluntary payment has already passed. Risk of blockage YouTube grows every day.

Elena Mizulina, member of the Federation Council:

— In the past two weeks, the Safe Internet League has registered an endless number of extremist publications on the video hosting platform, several calls for the use of violence against Russian citizens, both civilians and military, as well as specific threats against our Russian citizens. In addition, in recent days we have discovered a large number of instructions, including video instructions, about committing various acts of sabotage at railway facilities, which citizens are recommended to carry out on the territory of both our country and the Republic of Belarus. Regarding overtly nationalist fascist extremist content of publications, be it the “Right Sector” or other extremist organizations. They both existed and still exist on the video hosting site, they are very actively promoting there, we do not see any moderation of such dangerous content, i.e. openly encouraging or helping such publications to spread on their sites. This is already becoming extremely dangerous for the citizens of both Russia and the whole world in general.

Where to find videos about cars

In case of blocking YouTube The choice for moving video content is not as great as it seems. There are no analogues at all.

The first thing that comes to mind is Yandex.Zen. You can post video content here, but bloggers may not like the monetization affiliate program. Simply put, making money here is a bit more difficult than on YouTube, but you can switch to Zen quickly and without any problems.

Along with Zen, VKontakte also comes to mind, which has never been in a hurry to attract authors. But now they will probably also take care of the affiliate program, which will increase the number of interesting videos, also about cars and motorcycles.

There is also Pulse (, but this site is practically not promoted. It’s hard to say how interesting it will be for auto publishing and bloggers.

As for RuTube, this site still has very few fans, which is reflected in the number of subscribers. But of course this can all change after the lockdown. YouTubewhich seems very likely.

Where can I find Driving?

Za Rulem is the oldest automotive publication in Russia and remains one of the few published on paper. “Behind the Wheel” also has a channel on the same YouTube, and not alone. You can find our content at:

With the arrival of new sites, we will also open our channels there.

  • In addition, Za Rulem has its own trading house with proven and affordable spare parts, consumables and accessories for domestic and foreign cars.

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