Tests of the first Russian electric ships have begun

Sea trials are conducted in cold weather, which is especially important for any electric vehicle. At the same time, the technology is being adapted. Maneuvers are also practiced, especially the turning of ships and their mooring at the berths.

All this will determine the possibilities of the courts. Sea trials are also needed to ensure they are safe for passengers, crew and other vessels on the river. After determining the main parameters, a detailed study of the salons begins.

Ships are manufactured under a contract with Passenger Port OJSC, which is part of the Vodokhod company, and the Moscow Ministry of Transport monitors its compliance. This includes the recruitment of captains to work on Russian electric river trams. The first of them was Aleksey Zyuzkevich – now he takes part in sea trials. All captains go through a strict selection process and will not start their duties until after the internship.

Tests of the first Russian electric ships have begun

Tests of the first Russian electric ships have begun

Tests of the first Russian electric ships have begun

Maxim Liksutov, Head of the Moscow Ministry of Transport

Passenger Port OJSC will supply 21 Russian-made electric vessels under the contract, the first nine to arrive this year. Moscow Mayor S. Sobyanin has given us the task of making the Muscovites travel comfortably on the new river transport. That is why we have already started active sea trials. All electric craft will be environmentally friendly, quiet and economical. The contractor is responsible for its production and operation under a 15-year contract.

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