The new Lada Granta Sport will receive a 120-horsepower engine 18:09

The new Lada Granta Sport will receive a 1.6-liter engine with a capacity of about 120 hp. informs publication “Automatic review”.

AvtoVAZ presented the Lada Granta Sport in a liftback body to the participants of the Baikal Mile festival. According to the broadcast expert, the output of the new engine will be higher than the previous 114-118 hp, thanks to the new calibrations.

The first Granta Sport, likely to appear as early as this year, will meet Euro-2 environmental requirements. If the presented car has a Bosch stabilization system, but it will not be on production cars. The novelty also differs from the usual Granta with a stiffer and shorter travel suspension.

According to representatives of AvtoVAZ, the price of Granta Sport will be higher than Drive Active, which currently costs 930 thousand rubles. The company does not give the exact dates of the release of the Granta Sport, which is on sale at the enterprise – now the car is in the form of a prototype, like the new Lada Vesta Sport, sent in a station wagon.

Previously reportedThat AvtoVAZ has mastered the production of bogies.

Source: Gazeta


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