Top 9 state employees – they rose in price the most

The average prices in the study are based on manufacturers’ recommended retail prices, and the cost of “live” cars at dealerships is much higher, Bankavto experts warn: Lada Granta is offered for 1.2 million rubles, and Lada Vesta – for 2 ,1 million.

It turned out that since the beginning of March 2022, the Volkswagen Polo has mainly increased in price – the cost has increased by 49%. That is 628 thousand rubles. Factory today vw in Kaluga is inactive and new cars of this model are not available for sale.

“While officially the end of production of the Volkswagen Polo in Kaluga has so far only been called the factory suspension, the fear of no longer buying a solid B-Class car from the German brand is creating excellent buzz. Such a growth wave seems especially remarkable against the background of the fact that the average price of this car remained virtually unchanged throughout February (increased by only 3.5 thousand rubles),” the researchers note.

In March, Renault Duster took second place in terms of cost growth, which now costs almost two million rubles according to the factory price list, with a price increase of 530 thousand rubles, or 37%. Third place went to Kia Rio – plus 32% or 390 thousand rudders.

Domestic Frets close out the top five. Largus is estimated by the factory at an average of 1.7 million rubles, which is more expensive than at the end of February at 382 thousand rubles or 29%. Vesta has become more expensive by 221 thousand rubles or 20%.

Dynamics of the average prices of the most popular cars for March 01-21, 2022


Make and model

February 2022, rub.

March 1-21, 2022, rub.

Dynamics for March 01-21


Volkswagen Polo

1 272 300

1 900 638



Renault Duster

1 423 462

1 953 692



kia Rio

1 202 400

1 592 400



lada Largus

1 322 160

1 703 749



lada Vesta

1 117 202

1 338 058



Hyundai solaris

1 182 786

1 419 500



Hyundai Crete

1 638 706

1 948 706



lada Niva legend

881 838

1 035 900



lada granta

746 480

876 035


“Further pricing in our market is poorly predictable, even 10-20 days ahead. The remaining foreign cars already produced, in the event of a permanent cessation of their assembly, can be sold at almost any price that seemed sky-high yesterday. But even those brands that ready to move forward in Russia will not miss their chance: a growth of 15-20% per month does not look great anymore It is clear that even in the remaining days of March the price of goods on the market depends more will be from geopolitical events in Ukraine than from steps in business processes and the economy of any brand,” Bankauto experts predict.

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