Five tips to avoid getting a fine “before the belt”.

In January alone, motorists in Moscow were fined 34,000 for not wearing seatbelts. Nearly 90% of this comes from still and video cameras recording traffic violations. Cameras can now “see” not only in the visible light range, but also in the infrared, increasing the number of violations they resolve. And it’s no secret that drivers are often fined while wearing a seatbelt.

However, there are five “tips” that take the penalty out of the camera.

1. Get an inexpensive belt cover so that it is visible to the cameras. This is done in some European countries where they face similar problems.

2. Try not to wear black outerwear – in daylight, the belt transitions to black, so mistakes are possible. Use outerwear in bright colors.

3. Check the visibility of the camera strap during your trip. Adjust torn clothes. The belt must always be visible.

4. Do not pass the belt under your clothes – you will be fined with a very high probability.

5. Don’t rush to pay the fine if the camera made a mistake. Objecting against unjust fines via the National Office, now there is such a possibility.

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