Is there a fine on a DVR on the windshield? The lawyer answers

Motorists know that at checkpoints the attitude to DVRs attached to the windshield is unequivocal: in this case, you cannot get a diagnostic card.

But does this mean you can’t drive with a gadget placed this way?

According to clause 7.3 of the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 23, 1993 No. 1090 “On the Rules of the Road”, the operation of the vehicle is prohibited if additional items are installed on it or coatings are applied that limit visibility from the driver’s seat. In addition, they can be fined for this: the penalty is provided for in art. 12.5 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation and amounts to 500 rubles.

“But that doesn’t mean that nothing can be fixed on glass. It is important to install the devices so that they do not obstruct the view. However, there are no clear criteria for exactly how the review is limited and not limited in legislation. And in most cases, this matter is left to the discretion of the traffic police inspector or the judge, if the case has gone to court,” – said the lawyer Yulia Tsvetkova.

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