AvtoVAZ completely stopped car assembly

Both industrial plants of the auto giant stopped their assembly lines – plants in Togliatti and Izhevsk stopped production from March 23. Note that the information is unofficial, it is provided by the Autograd News source with reference to its own sources. The company’s press service does not cover production plans and equates all information freely appearing on the network to rumours.

According to the source, the assembly has been stopped due to the “serious shortage of components” needed to assemble all Lada and Renault models.

Recall that according to independent sources, in recent weeks the assembly of Lada Granta and Niva Legend has worked with serious interruptions in Togliatti, that almost no Niva Travel has been assembled and that one of the components that suffered most from a component shortage was the B0 was line, intended for the production of Lada Largus, XRAY, Renault Logan/Sandero.

In Izhevsk, where the Lada Vesta families are assembled, and on February 22 they began to produce cars in an updated version, they also had to seriously adjust the assembly pace. As the author of the post points out, from March 28 (next Monday) it will be possible to restart one of the transport lines, but which one has not yet been specified. Further production plans are also under discussion. However, AvtoVAZ takes all possible measures.

  • In particular, a company holiday has been postponed from the summer period to the spring (from April 4), in which the intention is to have sufficient parts in stock.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

Source: Z R


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