There’s a new base on the roads

Alexander Shumsky, head of the expert center, spoke about a new type of fraud. According to him, the attackers tried to abruptly change lanes for the victim’s car without objective reasons and come to a stop. As a result, a motorist who was driving calmly suddenly becomes the culprit of the accident, because he collided with another car.

“The main trick is to ensure that the fraudster’s car has time to perform the maneuver and is fully in the correct lane. Then his position will be strong: I rebuilt in time and you didn’t keep your distance from behind,” Izvestia is quoted as saying by the expert.

The driver who collided with another car from behind is almost always recognized as the culprit of the accident – he didn’t keep his distance. To prove that it was cut and framed, only the recording of the DVR will help. Besides, this device stores perfectly from many other setups. For example, pedestrians who throw themselves on the hood and imitate a car that hits them. Such a separation is often found in the southern cities of Russia during the holiday season.

Source: Z R


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