Automakers were given a chance to decide whether to leave or stay in Russia

Some foreign automakers have already confirmed their intention to resume work at factories in Russia to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, said the Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov.

“We are still in talks with all the major brands. With someone, we have a clear understanding that they will be retained: both manufacturing capabilities and the supply of components to our market. We may unfortunately have to say goodbye to someone, because we cannot wait forever,” TASS said in the words of Denis Manturov, head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Long downtime should not be allowed, because a non-functioning company means non-payment of taxes and degradation of production. Therefore, the minister expects that at the end of March – beginning of April it will be possible to reach an agreement with the companies and to start formulating plans for the further development of this or that company.

This applies not only to the auto industry, but also to all companies that have suspended work because foreign owners are in mind. It is imperative that they have already made the final decisions – whether to stay or leave, to avoid a long downtime and, if one of them leaves, form new supply chains, switch to other components and possibly even to others. brands.

So far, none of the companies that have suspended operations in Russia are talking about a complete withdrawal. They took a wait-and-see attitude and continue to pay wages to employees, the minister noted.

Source: Z R


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