Need a reliable tow rope? There is one secret

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– Why did almost all tow ropes prove unusable during the tests?

Chinese manufacturers (like all others) deliver what they order. Roughly speaking, we can make $10 each, or we can make $30 – which do you prefer? The customer’s desire to save money usually wins.

Externally, the cables look reasonable and the data on the labels is just advertising.

Same situation, for example with wires for lighting: if you want cheaper – no question!

There is another “justification”: in many cases, the purchased cables lie in trunks all their lives, and therefore there are no complaints against it.

Finally, in some situations even worthless cables help: for example, when towing a car on smooth asphalt, serious efforts are not necessary. tFor drivers who need real working products, not souvenirs, we recommend buying only cargo cables.

Under Section 10.4 of the SDA, “vehicles pulling motorized vehicles may move at a speed of no more than 50 km/h.” And you cannot drive on a flexible towbar in icy conditions at all (Article 20.4). The vehicle being towed must have working steering and braking, and don’t forget to unlock the steering wheel!

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