In Russia, they proposed to “forgive” fines for some traffic violations

State Duma deputy Ivan Sukharev wrote a letter (available at RT) addressed to Supreme Court President Vyacheslav Lebedev.

He noted that he is developing a draft amnesty for Russian citizens who have committed administrative offenses related to traffic.

In the current circumstances, against the background of sanctions, the release of the Russians from administrative responsibility for minor offenses would be a necessary, justified and appropriate measure, he believes.

Sukharev proposes to exempt citizens from administrative responsibility for committing traffic violations, as stipulated in Ch. 12 of the Code of Administrative Violations of Russia, which do not pose a great public danger.

At the same time, he proposes not to make concessions for gross violations under art. 12.8 and 12.26 (driving a vehicle by a driver in a state of intoxication, transferring control of a vehicle to a person in a state of intoxication, failure by the driver to comply with an obligation to undergo a medical examination due to to be intoxicated).

Za Rulem was skeptical about this initiative. Of course we welcome the reduction in the financial burden on car owners, but in this case motorists pay for their violations, which they have actually committed.

The abolition of fines will lead to many driving the way they want, because they will not be punished for doing so. In addition, law-abiding citizens pay fines carefully and malicious defaulters are offered to pay off their debts immediately. It turns out that the rest was paid in vain, they just had to wait for an amnesty. There are many questions about the deputy’s initiative, and Maxim Kadakov, editor-in-chief of Za Rulem, voiced them in more detail in the video attached above.

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