GPS is blocked in Russia? They can! But…

Navigation system GPS, owned by the US government, may not be available in Russia. Do we still see our location on maps in smartphones, tablets and car navigators? “Behind the wheel”, the oldest and one of the most popular automotive publications in Russiafigured it out.

GPS can it turn off?

Such a possibility is being considered by the US government, according to the head of Roskosmos.

“Did you know that today, as part of sanctions, the United States is considering cutting the Russian Federation off from GPS navigation? Do you know about it? Do not know. And I can say that such a problem is being considered,” Rogozin said.

Is it possible to disable? GPS in a particular country?

For example, satellites, on the basis of which navigation equipment is oriented and the location of smartphones is determined, send a signal to Earth in a “wide range”. If they fly over any country, they can distort the transmitted data, inaccurately determining its location. But at the same time, neighboring countries will also suffer, in which distorted signals are also received, and GPS will prove useless.

Is shutdown dangerous for Russia? GPS?

The American navigation system is not the only one in the world. In addition, at northern latitudes it works less accurately than, for example, the Russian GLONASS system. It is the presence of GLONASS that makes the journey GPS meaningless.

The user’s location on the maps is not determined by the application, but by the phone’s hardware – for this the phone uses all satellite systems that understand its chip. The application gets a ready-made location of the chip, which it (the chip) calculates itself, combining data from all the satellites it supports. “Behind the wheel” in the 2GIS pers press service – You can find out which satellite systems your phone supports in the instructions or, for example, on sites such as Gsmarena. In particular, you can see that all iPhones, from the 5th model onwards, also support GLONASS. And in general, most of the phones released in recent years not only support GPS, but also GLONASS

In addition to GLONASS and GPS There are two more satellite navigation systems in the world. For example, the European “Galileo” and the Chinese BeiDou. No one is allowed to use them. Not in ordinary navigators of cars installed in factories, not in mounted navigators, not in tablets, not in smartphones.

“Don’t worry about this because every smartphone you have, and you don’t know anything about it, I’m absolutely convinced, has GLONASS. Turning off GPS makes GLONASS work. It has the same accuracy as GPS. Therefore, everything is fine,” says Dmitry Rogozin.

Only airlines can suffer: all Boeing and Airbus are only equipped with GPS receivers. But this is only a temporary inconvenience, as it is not a problem to equip them with GLONASS receivers or other systems.

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