Russia to ban taxi drivers with foreign driving license

The head of the Human Rights Council, Valery Fadeev, appealed to Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin with a proposal to ban foreign driver’s licenses in taxis, according to the HRC’s Telegram channel.

The issue of migrants in passenger taxis was raised at a meeting of the Human Rights Council on the observance of human rights in the implementation of transport and urban policies. As a result of the event, a corresponding letter was formed.

Now to work in a taxi, it is enough to have a total driving experience of at least three years, which can be confirmed by the date of issue of a national driving license abroad.

Article 7 of the draft Federal Law “On the state regulation of the carriage by passenger taxis and the activities of passenger taxi ordering services, and amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”, pending in the State Duma, provides for a prohibition on driving a passenger taxi on the basis of a foreign national or international driving licence.

However, the adoption of the bill is quite difficult, therefore the HRC proposes to temporarily include all these restrictions in the rules for the carriage of passengers and luggage by road and urban ground transport, approved by the government decree of October 1, 2020. drivers with foreign rights travel on Russian roads for personal purposes, as well as drivers involved in international freight transport and international bus services.

At the same time, a transition period should be provided for taxi drivers with foreign rights to be trained in a Russian driving school and obtain Russian driving licences.

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