Volkswagen Caravelle 6.1: calm wind

Travel comfortably? Usually you think of a ride in a premium SUV. But what if you need to transport a large family and even leave room for impressive luggage? A caravel appeared on the horizon…

Let’s take a closer look at the updated 2020 Volkswagen Caravelle 6.1 model.

Volkswagen Caravelle 6.1: calm wind

A minibus is definitely a compromise when it comes to a comfortable trip with a large family and luggage (and even pets). In addition to a spacious interior that can’t even be compared to the largest SUVs, minibuses offer excellent driver visibility and many other useful features.

Exterior and interior

The Caravelle’s appeal has been greatly enhanced with a redesigned grille (with chrome trim) and updated LED front and rear lights. The minibus also received a new electromechanical steering system that improves handling.

In terms of passenger comfort, the Caravelle can accommodate seven adults with extra luggage space without sacrificing comfort. The seats move on guide rails and the second row can be unfolded to look at the third. There is also a folding table (with cup holders and compartments for storing magazines). At the same time, all seats are removable, and moving, removing and installing seats is quick and easy – the minibus turns into a van. And all this is, of course, flavored with the highest build quality and high-quality finishing materials.

Volkswagen Caravelle 6.1: calm wind


A new 2.0-litre Caravelle twin-turbocharged diesel engine is mated to a 7-speed DSG dual-clutch automatic transmission. With this device, a heavy car accelerates surprisingly quickly, and precise gear shifting allows you to maximize engine torque.

At the same time, very little noise and minimum vibration penetrate into the cabin, which is invaluable for the comfort of the driver and passengers, especially on long journeys. Let’s not forget the adaptive cruise control. Add to that the flexible suspension and 4Motion all-wheel drive and you have almost perfect manners, both off-road and on busy city streets. VW representatives say that fuel consumption in the combined cycle will not exceed 10 liters per 100 km.


In this repertoire, Volkswagen has done a thorough job, with standard parking assist, side wind assist, lift assist, high beam control and more. Since all four wheels have independent suspension, ride quality is quite good, as is stability at high speeds, which is especially important when riding in crosswinds.

Volkswagen Caravelle 6.1 is a real helper and friend that will not let you down even in the most difficult conditions. In it you feel like in the walls of your own house, where you can hide outside the window with the whole family from the bad weather. Or rush away from her in the direction of adventure.

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