AvtoVAZ refused production of cars without ABS

The AvtoVAZ press service officially denied information about the alleged preparation for the production of cars without anti-lock braking system (ABS). This was reported by the source Lada.Online. Earlier, information appeared on the network that the manufacturer was reportedly preparing to launch simplified versions of models in a series – as part of a series of measures to minimize losses due to shortage of components.

It has been reported that the Granta and Niva models will be produced without ABS and some other electronic systems (otherwise, the version without ABS is not included), that the adaptation of technological processes and a slight reorientation of suppliers will take some time (provisionally until May), and that the measure is considered temporary. However, the above source reports that the AVTOVAZ press service called this information fake.

Recall that in early February 2022, due to a shortage of electronic components, AVTOVAZ decided to produce and sell Niva Legend SUVs without ERA-GLONASS modules and airbags (we are talking about the only cushion Niva has – side, in the driver’s seat) with the prospect of their further installation. And even earlier, in August 2021, a temporary decision was made not to install ERA-GLONASS blocks related to Grants, Largus, and XRAY.

  • Now AvtoVAZ does not have time to collect the ordered cars, so it may no longer accept requests from dealers.
  • “Driving” can be read in Viber.

Source: Z R


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