A well-known blogger was sentenced to a real term

Recall that a year ago blogger Edward Beal became the culprit of the accident in the center of Moscow. driving a car hear, he ran into oncoming traffic on the Tuinring and collided with several cars. As a result, an employee of the State Duma apparatus, Mariyat Artemova, who spent several months in hospital, suffered serious injuries in that accident.

The point in the case, it seems, was made in the summer of last year, when the court sentenced Edward to two years of imprisonment. The sentence in the form of forced labor for Edward Beale pleased the victim.

But the public prosecutor found such a punishment too lenient and appealed the verdict. As part of the retrial, the blogger was sentenced to one year and two months in prison.

“To find Edward Beale guilty under part 1 of art. 264 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and sentenced him to one year and two months in prison with serving a sentence in a penal colony,” TASS is quoting Judge Alexandra Avdotyina’s verdict.

After the verdict was announced, the blogger was taken into custody.

After the verdict was announced, the blogger was taken into custody.

Now Edward Beal plans to appeal the court’s verdict, and the basis will be that he has two dependent children, as well as his wife and grandmother.

Source: Z R


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