When car prices in Russia stop growing – opinion of the readers

Will there finally be peace? Nobody knows this now, one can only speculate. We asked our readers to give their opinion on this by offering them a survey: “Car prices are rising steadily and strongly. When do they stabilize?

According to his results 32% of respondents believe that prices are stabilized by the market itself – people simply will not be able to buy cars at such high prices, 34% they don’t believe in improvements, believe that “this is now for a long time”, 6% – optimists, in their opinion, everything will get better in the next six months, and 28% They replied that it all depends on the political situation.

Expert opinion

Maxim Kadakovyeditor-in-chief of the magazine “Behind the wheel”:

When car prices in Russia stop growing - opinion of the readers

“In conditions of scarcity and a strong price increase, we will exist throughout 2022. And this is even in the most optimistic scenario – if the political situation normalizes in the near future. And if there is no mutual warming between countries, movement to and other positive shifts, either in April, or in May, or in June, we will continue to live in conditions of severe shortages and soaring car prices. Although it is clear that it is impossible to enlarge them to infinity. Lada can not cost (conditionally) 5 million rubles, and Toyota – 30 million rubles.

Obviously, once this “ceiling” is groped, demand will still stop. And here it is more important – not when price growth will stop, but at what level, if we are talking about today. That is, how much should Lada cost, for example, to further increase prices? did not have meaning.

Now it is difficult to imagine, because we do not understand how the ruble will be against the dollar, how it will be against the euro, how much energy resources will cost, and so on.

I think competitive pricing will stop sometime in the summer with no foreign policy, closer to the fall, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait. Prices will “freeze” at a certain limit level above which it makes no sense to increase them as this becomes the ultimate absurdity. It remains absurd.

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