Audi is preparing a brutal SUV

Audi’s lineup will soon be complemented by a pickup truck, CEO Markus Duesmann confirmed at the automaker’s annual press conference.

“I can’t promise we will, but we are investigating this possibility,” he said.

Adrian Hallmark, CEO of Bentley, who attended the conference, joked that he wanted “no pickup” in the Bentley range.

The upcoming concept will be the first pickup in Audi’s history. Although we know little about the dimensions, it is not difficult to guess that the second generation VW Amarok will form the basis, putting the model in competition with Toyota Hilux, Isuzu D-Max and Mitsubishi L200.

This may be an electric pickup, which will get a different platform and then compete with the Tesla Cybertruck and GMC Hummer EV.

Audi has a variety of modular EV platforms. For example, CBG and PBM, on the basis of which you can really build any car.

Audi is preparing a brutal SUV

As for the design, it can be borrowed from the 2019 AI:Trail concept. Not everything, but something. The model is intended for buyers who lead an active lifestyle. That is, it will not be utilitarian.

But does a premium brand need a pickup truck? Mercedes-Benz’s experience has shown that this is not the case. X-class pickup based on Nissan navara was not popular and was discontinued in May 2020. Perhaps it was the platform that failed and the buyer did not see the point in overpaying for the brand.

Images: Freelance designer Raleigh Hare

Source: Z R


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