Make a list of goods that can be imported without the permission of the rights holders

Yury Zubov, head of the Federal Office for Intellectual Property (Rospatent), told the head of the Federal Office for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) at the Congress of Leaders of Opora Rossii in Krasnoyarsk that Russia is preparing a list of goods that are allowed for parallel import. The list of these goods is now being compiled together with industry and business.

Keep in mind that parallel import is an arrangement where the importer has the right to import goods into the country without the manufacturer’s permission (for example, bought in a third country). The legalization of imports to Russia without the consent of the rightholders will allow to saturate the domestic market with goods that our country needs. For example, the monopoly of rightholders to determine prices and delivery conditions is violated.

After Russia’s accession to the WTO (2012), parallel imports were banned. Only the owner of the brand or his official representative was allowed to import goods into the country. At the same time, prices were sometimes unreasonably high, and in 2015 the Association of Russian Car Dealers asked to change this order. Then prices for repairs in official services can be significantly reduced. But then they got no further. Perhaps this problem will now be resolved.

“At the present stage, it is necessary to develop a list of groups of goods for which, together with our customs, together with our main departments, this parallel import should be allowed. Build new chains. We believe that this measure, in the form of all international rules, is absolutely correct at the moment.”– TASS reports the words of Yuri Zubov.

For example, it has become impossible to buy spare parts from Volkswagen, but at the same time the necessary car parts from the same Volkswagen are also produced in other countries, including China. Therefore, the possibility of buying them there is being considered.

This applies not only to spare parts, but also to other branded items. The head of the FAS has already discussed this matter with Tatyana Bakalchuk, CEO of Wildberries. She believes that such a measure will have a positive impact on SMEs and give consumers access to a wider range of high-quality goods at reasonable prices.

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