Possibly the fastest race ever. Watch with sound!

A situation familiar to many at the beginning of winter: snow was falling, and no one had time to “change shoes”. More than a dozen cars are standing in the intersection, unable to move. Probably, the situation is aggravated by a slight increase, which is why no one can pick up a speed noticeably different from zero.

But the funniest thing is revealed when you turn on the sound in this video. The soundtrack of the Formula 1 race with the voice of the inimitable Russian commentator Alexei Popov is attached to the picture. Connoisseurs in the comments easily identified a specific race: the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix, the most intense confrontation between Schumacher and Alonso … But even if you don’t understand anything about it, it will be quite difficult not to laugh.

Source: VKontakte / Look what I learned

Source: Z R


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