Special forces have made a special buggy for the army

This tactical off-road buggy for special forces was developed by Argo and presented at the Vezdekhoder exhibition in Moscow.

This vehicle, which makes special forces units more mobile, has a replaceable module and attachment points for transporting it by helicopter.

“We have created a mobile tactical platform for special services. The UAZ chassis is taken as a basis. The convertible top can be replaced within 5 minutes. In the base, a tactical module is mounted at the back of the compartment. We provided for the possibility of external suspension on a helicopter, for which there are mounting places on the frame, ”RIA Novosti quotes the words of Konstantin Bagdasarov, general director of the Argo company.

The buggy is united with the military equipment in service with our army. Therefore, during hostilities there will be no problems with the maintenance and repair of engines and transmissions.

The Argo SUV can accelerate up to 100 km/h and carry up to 1.5 tons of cargo. With a little refinement, the carrying capacity can be increased to 2.5 tons.

You can also install air suspension, a centralized tire inflation system, locks and final drives on the buggy. In addition, the buggy frame has many attachments for different types of equipment and weapons.

“In particular, the front passenger windshield can be folded down to allow firing from automatic weapons while in motion. At the rear of the cargo platform, you can climb onto the ZU-23-2 (this is a double anti-aircraft gun. – Approx. ed.), ”said Bagdasarov.

Argo is ready to produce up to 40 of these buggies per month, but production capacity can be increased if the need arises.

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