How do Chevrolet cars get to Russia? Answer from “UzAvto”

The automobile company UzAvto Motors (former GM Uzbekistan, Asaka, Uzbekistan) confirmed in the Telegram channel the delivery of its products to Russia by private individuals as part of the parallel import mechanism.

Earlier, the media reported that Chevrolet models made in Uzbekistan were offered en masse in car dealerships and online in a number of Russian cities. The supply of cars has reportedly resumed.

UzAuto Motors emphasizes that they have stopped shipping cars to Russia and that the official distributor of Keles Rus has suspended work.

The company denies allegations of secretly exporting cars to Russia. The manufacturer has nothing to do with this, we are talking about private deliveries under the “parallel import” mechanism, which is allowed in Russia “in view of recent events”. This does not require a Vehicle Type Approval (OTTS), which is already used by many Russian entrepreneurs, the report said.

UzAvto records separate facts from the purchase of a large number of cars by one person. However, UzAuto Motors, as well as all enterprises producing Chevrolet cars “perform their activities within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and contractual agreements with General Motors”.

Source: UzAvto Motors Telegram channel

A picture: UzAuto engines

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