We found out which drivers are the most arrogant on the road

Flashing headlights, cutting, running along the side of the road or trying to squeeze in where the seats are back to back or where they are not allowed to pass. Of course, there are plenty of brutal people in life, so it’s not surprising that they don’t change their behavior even when they’re behind the wheel.

Every driver knows, based on personal experience, which cars on the road are best to stay away from. Here’s what our readers think.

Brutal drivers most often drive expensive crossovers and SUVs – believe that 28% from our readers, the answer “childhood on the” shabby “, rusty frets” was chosen by almost the same number – 27%. We are sure that there are many cheeky people among taxi drivers 22% of those surveyed, but only fourteen% respondents.

1,180 people took part in the survey conducted by Za Rulem and the Avtostat analytics firm.

Expert opinion

Azat Timerchanovhead of the press service of the agency “Avtostat”:

We found out which drivers are the most arrogant on the road

– In general, I agree with the results of the survey: drivers of both expensive and “used” cars often behave quite rudely on the road. Taxi drivers also often go off scale. I cannot say anything about those who use car-sharing services, as well as personal drivers of officials – I have not encountered them on the road.

Personally, I am most irritated by those motorists who, after taking the middle or left lane, hardly trudge through and thus hinder other road users. Moreover, among them there are many, for example, grandfathers who, after getting behind the wheel for the first time in the 70s or 80s, got used to the fact that they are alone on the road and there are no other cars. If you can’t drive at an average flow rate, move to the right lane!

No matter how arrogant others may behave, however, remain calm and keep a cool head. Emotions behind the wheel are not the best ally and conflicts on the road often have detrimental consequences – for people and cars alike.


“Behind the wheel” does not ask to draw far-reaching conclusions from the research results, because it is clear that driving style does not depend so much on the car, but on the “gasket” between the steering wheel and the seat.

Infographic: Driving

Source: Z R


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