How Moskvich cars are assembled: video “Behind the wheel”

Yesterday, all the media wrote a lot about the solemn launch of production and plans of the Moskvich plant. Today we will dwell on how the Moskvich 3 (essentially JAC JS4) is assembled in the former Renault factory.

And no matter what the eternal skeptics broadcast there, the Moscow government kept its word – by the end of the year it was possible to organize, albeit a “screwdriver”, but an assembly of “living” cars.

A new line was organized in a place without Renault equipment (it has not yet been removed), and Nikita Gudkov, deputy editor-in-chief of Za Rulem, showed it to us.

Here cars are assembled from those kits that came from China. In total, eight posts are involved in the process, Muscovites assemble from large units, including installing a power unit – and now a brand new car is ready.

Moskvich looks nice and modern. In terms of size, this is somehow a “replacement” for Duster and Kaptur – they were previously released in these walls. But in terms of consumer characteristics, the car at least lacks four-wheel drive. Everything else is still unclear, “Behind the wheel” is looking forward to testing this crossover.

No less curious than the video were the reactions to it. And in less than two days, more than 1.5 thousand have already been collected.

Comments from VKontakte users:

Pavel Umrikhin: “Which production are we talking about? What does “Moskvich” have to do with it? This is a Chinese car, which was brought disassembled and assembled with a new nameplate. And then there will probably even be nameplates printed in China. 2141 was ours and by those standards it was normal. And there is nothing of us in general.

Andrey Miroshnichenko: “Pavel, first of all, 2141 – it was a French development, except for the engine. French was rarely set, it was difficult and expensive to find such cars. Secondly, such a Chinese is better, since the car industry is now international, and not local, like technology.”

Vladimir Antonov: “Take ANY car brand. All without exception are made using imported components. And if you hold an iPhone assembled in China, for some reason you remain silent in a rag and happily pour slops over your country. Try to do something for everyone who is dissatisfied, and don’t complain!”

Sergey Trofimov: “In the end there was a Duster with k4m, f4r, k9k, understandable, reliable, serviceable engines. And what is a 1.5 turbo on this Chinese, and even with a CVT? Do not delete”.

Pavel Chumazov: “Yes, they took a base in China. Yes, they put their logo on. Yes, SKD production. But this is production! And in Russia. These are jobs and taxes. This is the possible future of the automotive industry in our country.”

Video: VKontakte / Official Community “Behind the wheel”

Source: Z R


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