Named after 5 budget batteries that won’t let you down

When choosing a battery, you want to buy a reliable one that will last not a year or two, but five to seven years. But at the same time it is difficult to get used to the idea that for such a battery you have to pay 10,000 rubles or even more.

But among cheap batteries there are many worthy ones that will not let you down, discovered the experts of Za Rulem, the oldest and most authoritative automotive publication in Russia, Alexei Revin and Mikhail Kolodochkin.

They tested 10 batteries for 4300 rubles and found worthy alternatives to expensive batteries.

The rating below is given by price (higher to lower), but it should be noted that two batteries are class leading in quality.

5. Power 6ST-70 VLR

The battery is produced in Kursk and is sold at a price of about 6,900 rubles. The characteristics are listed as follows: capacity 70 Ah, current 680 A. The weight of the battery is small – 17.28 kg.

According to the results, the battery turned out to be a solid C grade. He didn’t fail the tests, but he didn’t impress with his stamina either. In addition, the price is the highest compared to the other four batteries tested. That’s why experts recommend it in the absence of an alternative.

4. Kainar 6ST-75 VL

Named after 5 budget batteries that won't let you down

This battery was brought to Russia from Kazakhstan. The average price is 6700 rubles. The specified battery capacity is 75 Ah and the specified current is 690 A.

Note the mass of the battery – 19 kg. At the same time, the label indicates a mass of 17.8 kg, which is very funny, since manufacturers tend to overestimate and not underestimate the mass of batteries in the documentation for obvious reasons: the heavier the battery, the more metals it contains and the more durable it is.

As a result, the battery confidently passed all the tests, and experts recommend it without reservation. This is the first leader, separated from first place only by prize.

3. Dominator 6ST-75 VLR

Named after 5 budget batteries that won't let you down

The battery is also produced in Kursk, but it costs a little less – about 6600 rubles. the declared capacity is 75 Ah, the declared current is 750 A. But the mass of the battery is only 17.52 kg. The battery passed the test “from three to four”, so the experts advised it with the caveat “in the absence of an alternative”.

2.Unicum batteries

Named after 5 budget batteries that won't let you down

Another battery from Kazakhstan is sold with us for only 5700 rubles. The declared capacity is 75 Ah, and the current is 600 A. And this is the lightest of the batteries presented in our rating – it weighs 17.34 kg.

Electrically, the battery proved to be a trifecta, but when tested with a current of 55 amps, the battery terminal clamp leaked. That is, if there is no choice, then you can take it.

a. Tyumen battery standard-

Named after 5 budget batteries that won't let you down

This battery is produced in Russia (Tyumen), and its approximate cost is only 5200 rubles with the declared capacity and current of 70 Ah and 630 A, respectively. It turned out to be the heaviest battery tested – its weight is 19.08 kg.

The manufacturer, of course, has not spared the materials, so the battery fully meets the declared characteristics and will not let you down. Experts have recommended it unconditionally. And it is the absolute leader in price and quality.

You can learn more about how the tests were conducted and other characteristics of the tested batteries in the original article by Alexei Revin and Mikhail Kolodochkin “Are cheap batteries good? Yes! And they have a common characteristic.”

Source: Z R


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